How Does Fasting Work & Is It Healthy For Long-Term Health?

Whether you are a regular gym-goer who takes five meals a day or not, you must learn how to give your digestive system enough rest from time to time. Fasting is a great way of doing it. Other than giving your digestive system and gut a much-needed rest, it helps the body in many other ways also. Below you can understand how fasting works and its health benefits.

How Does Fasting Work?

Fasting is of two types — intermittent fasting and extended fasting. Short-term fasting or intermittent fasting often lasts for a few hours on a daily or weekly basis. So to understand more clearly, you don’t eat anything for a specific period throughout the day.

It has been in practice for many centuries and shows positive impacts on health. According to Clovis, if you are trying to lose weight or stay in shape, intermittent fasting is the way to go. As part of this fasting routine, you can rely on water or black coffee for 16-18 hours a day and eat your meals within the remaining 6-8 hours window. The shorter the window, the greater are the results.

Many people who can’t continue with intermittent fasting may go for extended fasting that lasts longer and can be done weekly or once in a while. Typically, you can choose a certain day of the week or month on which you won’t eat anything for 24-36 hours. This duration can be extended depending on how comfortable you are with fasting.

Benefits of Fasting:

One of the first benefits of fasting is limited calorie consumption, which can be beneficial in weight loss. If you prefer light workouts at home and still want to reduce some inches naturally, make fasting a part of your routine. 

Also, when you don’t have to eat anything, you can divert your energy towards more productive tasks without getting distracted by the feeling of your favorite dessert or drink. It can help you in accomplishing more in lesser time.

Some other benefits of fasting are better cognitive performance, reduced inflammation, more production of HGH (human growth hormone), decreased risk of metabolic diseases, better skin tone, and natural fat burning.



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